"I look back at that moment when I first made $100 in one day, and even though I've since gone on to do much bigger and better numbers, I remember turning to my wife and saying, "this is real, it's actually making money!"
Zach Lee
“How I Launched A 7-Figure Business In 12 Months Or Less… Without Raising Money, Compromising My Reputation, Or Being An Annoying Salesperson…”
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And I'm not the only one...
They Laughed When He Quit His Job To Start A Business With Just $500… But They Drooled In Envy When He Received A Check For More Than $91,538,215…
I'm about to reveal the secret behind a predictable step-by-step business model that is creating simple, seven-figure businesses… without coming up with crazy ideas, making any products yourself, risking a ton of money, or even hiring a big team…
Discover why celebrities like Kobe Bryant, Jessica Alba, Kylie Jenner, and George Clooney are outearning their acting or athletic careers by selling deodorant, cleaning supplies, beauty cream, and even whiskey… and how that business model is making non-celebrities “famously” successful…

But most importantly, discover how (almost) anyone can use the same strategies to create a new revenue stream — even if no one knows who you are… even if you have no idea what to sell… or even if you have only a few hundred dollars to your name.

PLUS... Discover how one of my friends turned a $500 investment into more than $100 million using the exact same system.
All of this, revealed over the next 10
minutes right ON THIS PAGE…
Due to very unique opportunities that are emerging online right now, it is possible to start a business with very little money and take it to as much as $1 million or more in revenue in very little time…
And as you read this page, you will discover why you are just a few stages away from a successful business – even a million dollar business. In fact, I have helped over 100 people build seven figure businesses… and I’m looking for more.

If you’ve ever had an idea for a product or a business, but you had no idea how to make it successful…

…OR you have ever wanted to be your own boss or an entrepreneur… but you had no idea what products to sell or what business to start…

…then THIS may be one of the most important pages that you read this year.
But let me be perfectly clear: this is NOT one of those “how to get rich” letters. I can’t stand those guys, and I will never be one of them. 

Fact is, these results are NOT Typical. Neither is the effort and work required to pull off the successes you're about to hear about. Please do not mistake these stories for a promise. They are examples of what's possible with hard work, timing, and a good plan.
I share all of this with you because I am an investor… and on this page, you will discover how a $500 investment became a $100 million payday in just two years.
That’s an average of…
$136,986.301 per day.

That’s not “sales” or “hype” either… that’s cash in the bank.

And no, it was NOT earned from any “weird” strategy or buying any crypto-whatever…

Also… NO… I’m not suggesting that you (or anyone who ever reads this page) is going to make $136,986 per day or anywhere close to that…

Just because I’ve seen it happen before (multiple times), doesn’t mean that you will have the EXACT same result. Got it?

You already know that ONE idea can create a fortune… and this story will help you discover the BEST product idea for you, and you will be given exact steps to turn that into a successful and profitable income stream.

Whether you have an idea for a product or a business… or you just want to be your own boss… this page will reveal the proven and predictable steps to build a seven figure business.

As you read every word on this page, you will discover how one simple business idea can change your life (and sometimes change the world) – even if you are a brand new entrepreneur… regardless of your background, experience level, or education…

All it takes is one idea and a few simple directions… and you’ll discover them when you read this page.
Due to some unique opportunities that exist online right now, simple products that can be started with a few hundred dollars are creating million dollar brands and businesses.
I have never seen an opportunity so “ripe for the picking” before, which is why I am “all in” in these types of businesses, and why I am inviting others to join me.
In fact, I recently turned a $600 investment into more than $10 million. Again, I’m experienced at this, so I am not suggesting that you or anyone you know will have that amazing of a result…

But as an investor, I am actively looking to get involved into more businesses… because I have never seen an opportunity quite like this.

For example, let me tell you a story…

Back in 2013… “twerking” was a new fad… House of Cards was a brand new show… and Orange Is the New Black debuted its first television season…
Meanwhile, Peter Rahal, a 27-year old kid in Chicago, IL… was hungry. Literally.

Peter liked to do CrossFit – he was one of those intense fitness enthusiasts…

He liked to eat snack bars after his workouts, but couldn’t find one that would help his workouts.

“There should be a snack bar for CrossFit Athletes,” he said to himself. After all, that was what his friends and workout buddies wanted.

People laughed.

“No one would buy a snack that is ONLY for CrossFit athletes,” they said.
Although he had very little money, Peter’s developed some sample food bars and gave them to his friends at the gym.
One thing led to another, and people started talking about them online.

Stores started carrying them on their shelves, and people kept sharing them on their social media pages.

Over the next four years, Peter developed new flavors, and people started to prefer them over the big companies meal bars.

In fact, people started buying Peter’s snack bars more than they were buying other bars at the grocery store.

That’s when Peter got the news…

When the RXBar started outselling BIG brands, those old businesses started to notice.

So when Peter picked up the phone, someone at Kellogg’s, the popular cereal company, was on the other end.

You might imagine that the voice on the other end was like a mob voice…

Because Kellogg’s made Peter an offer that he couldn’t refuse.

Four years after it was just an idea in his brain, Kellogg’s bought the company that was started by some “kid from Chicago” – for more than $500 million…

The idea that most people laughed at made him wealthy beyond his wildest dreams. Today, you can find RXBars all over the world, and Peter is a wealthy man.

And it all started as “just an idea.”
Peter’s story is not typical.
It’s an extraordinary feat to make half a BILLION dollars… especially in just four years…

But very small product businesses are being bought by BIG companies by huge amounts of money… and it’s happening all the time.

In fact, I’ve helped thousands of people build companies from nothing – sometimes with just a few hundred or thousand dollars. A few of those businesses sold for $4 million, $9 million, $19 million… even one student who sold for more than $30 million…

On this page, I am going to show you how they all did it in just a few years, and how you can use the same system to create a successful business.
Hi, my name is Ryan Daniel Moran, and I help people discover their product idea and turn it into a million dollar business.

My company, Capitalism.com, helps people like you turn simple ideas into seven figure businesses, often in twelve months or less.
Yes, that’s a bold promise… but have you noticed all the stories of simple ideas that turned into million dollar businesses?
You see them when you turn on Shark Tank…

You see them on Kickstarter…

Your friends post about them on Instagram and Facebook…
Stories like Sara Blakely, who started a hosiery line at age 27 when she was fed up with pantyhose that rolled up under her clothes. She developed a new kind of leggings that many investors thought was silly.
It was a simple idea… a type of pantyhose that won’t bunch up under your clothes. She called her product “Spanx.” Many people laughed at the idea… until she became one of the youngest female billionaires ever.
*Results not typical. 
There’s also the story of Bobby Edwards, a 41-year-old from Utah… who struggled with digestive issues. He created a cheap piece of plastic that fit around the toilet and helped people, well, go to the bathroom.
He was literally laughed out of the room… but he laughed all the way to the bank.

His “Squatty Potty” currently sells more than than $20 million per year of his “crappy” idea (sorry, pun totally intended)…
*Results not typical. 
Then, there’s Rick Hopper, who made have had the simplest idea of them all…
Rick developed a holder for your eyeglasses. Anyone could have developed that idea, right?

Simple as it may be, it went on to sell more than $27 million…
*Results not typical. 
And don’t forget Aaron Krause, who introduced a cleaning sponge called the Scrub Daddy.
Aaron’s silly idea was basically a yellow smiling sponge… but it got a deal on Shark Tank, and Lori Grenier agreed to take the sponges all over the world…

That simple idea has now sold more than $50 million, making Aaron filthy rich on a simple cleaning product…
*Results not typical. 
I get it, the ‘small thinking’ part of your brain is now giving you the “yeah, but” objections…
But you DO NOT have to have a “whiz-bang idea” or invent anything new to have a successful business.

In fact, I can show you how to discover tiny product ideas that anyone can start… even if you have NO CLUE what to sell right now.

And you don’t need to make the products yourself either – I’ll show you how to have other people make, ship, and store the products for you, while you focus on the important stuff, like making more sales.

All you need to do is make a few decisions and follow a few simple directions.

Take this weird example…
You’re not Mark Zuckerberg or Elon Musk, either.

You don’t have a million Instagram followers.

And you definitely don’t have millions of dollars to throw around.

So what does any of this have to do with you?

Well, due to a few little-known secrets, you can now start the same types of businesses in as little as a few weeks… And some people start with just a few hundred dollars.

Will you build a $100 million company in a few weeks, like Kylie Jenner. No. Come on. Let’s be realistic here. BUT…

One of my introverted friends used these secrets to start a new business for just $500… and it made him $100 million in just two years.

And he has just 356 Instagram followers. So you definitely don’t need to be a celebrity to start a wildly profitable business…
You don’t even need to be able to SPELL Twitter or Instagram… in fact, due to the loopholes on Amazon.com that I’ll tell you in a minute, you don’t even need to use social media to create amazing products that make a lot of money.
And you ABSOLUTELY DO NOT need to have a ton of money to build an incredibly successful brand – even one as successful as some of the stories that you hear today…

After you discover these secrets, you will know what kinds of products to sell and how to have other people do most of the work. You could be taking sales, making money, and see your idea in the hands of others in just a few weeks from now.

Today, I am going to share those secrets with you.

Why would I share the secrets that have made me and many of my students rich?

Simple: I invest in these businesses, just like on Shark Tank. So if you use these secrets to bring your idea to the world, there both of us may end up making a lot of money, while also bringing some really cool products to the world.

OK, now I’d like to share a few secrets with you:

"I got started selling on Amazon and it was a game changer. It has really created the freedom that I desired and the ability to do my own thing on my own time."
Devin Dorosh

"I realistically see growth to $10 million per year but I think there's so many different avenues for growth, I don't see a limit there. There are so many different angles to build our audience, I don't have a limit."
Roxelle Cho

"Starting this business and getting our product from nothing to then selling more than I ever could have imagined selling was the most unreal experience. It was exciting, day in and day out, just checking sales. It was the coolest thing."
Matt McAllester

If you hadn’t guessed already, all of the success stories that you have discovered today have one thing in common: they all sell physical products.
You may have wondered in the past what kind of business you should start. The best type of business to start is a physical products brand.

Everything from kitchen items to car accessories to hair care to office supplies to pet products to snacks – physical products are the fastest business to get to $1 million, because they are so easy to sell.

You don’t need to have any special knowledge in order to sell physical products. You can have someone else make them, which just requires a few emails and maybe a couple of phone calls. We can show you how to do all of that.

You don’t need to have a lot of money to start selling physical products. In fact, you can develop a prototype for as little as $50 or $100.

Plus, physical products brands can make a lot of money. I’ll tell you one story in a minute where a $500 investment turned into over $90 million.

Now, I’m not saying that you or anyone you know will have THAT kind of success, but it has happened. Can you imagine if your idea was worth even a fraction of that? Even 9 million, or, heck, even $900,000 would change your life, right?

Well, I’ve helped people achieve that many times over…

Amazon alone has made me and my students rich

Think about it: where do you buy most of the things in your home? Don’t you look on Amazon before you go to the store? How many times has that brown box shown up at your doorstep?
Well, a little known secret is that anyone can put products on Amazon.com for sale. I can help you come up with an idea for a physical product, put it on Amazon, and start making sales.
Amazon has grown by over 1700% since 2012, and it is projected to double again in the next two years! That’s where you want to have your products for sale.
Best of all, Amazon does all of the shipping… the warehousing… the fulfillment… the packing… EVERYTHING that is requires to put the product in people’s hands.

So all you have to do is follow a few steps to bring your product to the world and get it selling on Amazon.com.

If you’re like my friends Jake and Nate, you might see your product literally in other people’s hands.

Jake and Nate sell workout gloves.

Every time they go into the gym, they see people working out and using their gloves.

I interviewed Jake and Nate at one of my events. I often invite my students to hang out with me and share their knowledge with others.

“It’s the coolest thing,” Jake said. “Whenever we travel, we try to go to a local gym, and I see my gloves being used almost every time.”

The best part? Jake and Nate have sold millions of dollars worth of their gloves, and they could not be more proud of what they have done.

You used to need a lot of money to launch a business… especially a successful business that sells physical products.
It used to require as much as $100,000 just to start a business.

But today, you can test a product with as little as $500 and a Facebook account.
That way, you can figure out if it is going to work before you dedicate a lot of time or money to it.
If it doesn’t work out, you can just try another idea.

For example, one of my students is named Sophie.

Sophie is a young mom who wanted to teach her son to use less waste.

So her product was a reusable, stainless steel lunch box.

She did not have a ton of money to get started, so she launched a simple Kickstarter campaign to raise some funds.

She recorded a quick 3-minute video on her phone to talk about her product.

After sharing it with a few of her friends, some other moms started talking about it.

They started placing “pre-orders” for the lunch boxes. And within a couple of weeks, Sophie had $25,000 in lunch box orders!

That’s more than enough money for her to build an amazing business. And that’s exactly what she did.

Today, Sophie’s brand, Seed and Sprout, has several products that sell to people all over the world consistently, and she is making a difference in the world by doing what she loves.

So with a few hundred dollars and a Facebook account, you can get started.

Believe it or not, I started my first physical products business with just $600, and I ended up selling that business for more than $10 million.

I’ll tell you about selling these businesses in a minute. For now, just know that you can start small and still go big.
Anyone can promote products on on the internet.
But it wasn’t always that easy.

You had to hire an advertising agency to spend thousands of dollars to promote your product.

But today, you can have your product in front of the world in just a few clicks.

For example, here’s a story about one of my friends, Moiz, who started his business with $500 and made more than $90 million… and he started by using free internet advertising…

In 2015, Moiz Ali was a 31-year-old living in San Francisco…

In San Francisco, people are all about living healthy, so a lot of people buy natural deodorant.

The only problem was that the popular brands didn’t work very well.

Moiz thought about developing his own, but since there are SO many deodorants available, he thought it would NEVER work.

I mean, doesn’t the world have enough deodorant options?

He wasn’t sure if people would even listen… but he decided to test it out.

Lots of people make their own homemade deodorant, so he invested a few hundred dollars to pay someone to make the product.

Then, he posted about his product online to “test it out.”

(People LOVE to read about new products, so talking about yours can be the “spark” that you need to start a fire! In fact, if you invest $500 into developing your product, and you are willing to “test” your idea, then you can get started.)

Lots of people saw his post and said that they wanted a natural deodorant, so they started talking about Moiz’s idea.

Can you guess what happened next?

Moiz started selling it in small batches as the orders came in (he had to make that $500 go as far as possible!).

But soon, the orders started coming in faster…

News channels started asking him to talk about his “Native Deodorant” brand.

Social media started to talk about his product…

And friends started recommending it to another…

One thing led to another…

Soon after, one of the big companies noticed that Moiz’s deodorant was up to something big.

And just TWO years after starting his company, Moiz got a phone call.

It was from a company called Unilever. They owned some of the big deodorant companies, and they were starting to worry that moiz would threaten their business.

So they offered to buy Moiz’s simple idea for $100 million.

That’s right – a 31-year-old “non-techy entrepreneur” sold his company for $100 million WITHOUT raising a bunch of money or “inventing” a thing.

Today, you can find Native Deodorant in Target or online.

And today, Moiz is worth a hundred million dollars… all from one simple idea and two years of bringing it to the world.

It started with just an idea, a few hundred dollars, and some simple internet advertising.

This is exactly what I will teach you to do.
When I was first starting my career as an entrepreneur, I had a mentor named Robert.
Robert was a millionaire, and he had friends who were billionaires. One day, I asked him, “Robert, how did most of your friends become successful?”

“That’s an interesting question,” he said. “My friends got rich when they sold a company.”

That was the day that I discovered the secret to becoming wealthy – I needed to start with the end in mind.

I started a physical products company, and a few years later, I sold it for over $10 million.

You might have discovered by now that start a physical products brand is the most predictable way to build a million dollar business.

Selling a brand is the way that many people become rich.

For example, remember Jessica Alba, the actress?

You might not see her in the movies so much anymore, because she has been busy developing a physical products brand.

A few years ago, she had a hard time finding a laundry detergent that did not irritate her newborn’s skin.

She developed a laundry detergent with simple ingredients under a business named The Honest Company.
She soon started selling diapers and cleaning supplies, too.

Recently, The Honest Company was valued at around a billion dollars. Not bad for an actress turned entrepreneur, right?

CNN reports that a similar company, Seventh Generation, was recently acquired for about $600 million. That’s WAY more than Jessica Alba ever made in the movies.
Your first step is developing your first physical product. But someday, that idea might be sold for a big payday.
Now, I’m not suggesting that you or anyone is going to sell a company for hundreds of millions of dollars. But I have personally coached my students to build and sell simple businesses for $1 million… to $4 million… to $9.6 million… to $19.7 million… to more than $30 million…

And these were all simple products that you don’t have to make.

So remember: your greatest success comes when you sell a business, so begin with the end in mind.
You are starting to see that even simple products can strike it big.
I have personally helped hundreds of brand new entrepreneurs – people just like you – become million dollar business owners by developing and selling physical products.

You might be thinking: “I don’t have an idea that can make millions! And even if I did, I would not know what to do!”

Well, you don’t have to have ANY ideas right now.

That’s why I help entrepreneurs like you decide on your product idea, and I help them outline exactly what to do to make it successful.

I have helped HUNDREDS of people go from “just starting out” to a seven figure business… whether they had their idea OR they were still looking for their first breakthrough.

Those product ideas might have been LOST FOREVER…

…but instead, they are successful businesses, making a difference in the world, and making their creators millions of dollars.

And while you might not have a half a BILLION DOLLAR payday like Peter Rahal did with his RXBars…

Or even a $100 million payday like Moiz Ali did…

Or even a $10 million payday like I did…

What might happen if you decided to test it out?

Maybe you would be like my student, Jeremiah Klingman…

I met Jeremiah when he was just 17 years old.

He did not have an idea, so he asked me, “What should I sell?”

After going through a few exercises, Jeremiah decided to sell running gear on Amazon.
Jeremiah worked diligently to listen to his customers and get product reviews, and he soon started selling phone holders for runners every day…

Those sales turned into more reviews… which became more sales…

And Jeremiah started to release additional products to his customers…

That started a small snowball that continued to grow over the next couple of years.
Then, after a lot of trial and error… and with a little help from his mentor… Jeremiah built a multi-million dollar company using just Amazon.
At 21 years old, Jeremiah sold his business to an investor for a cool $4 million.
If he invests that money well, he will never have to work a day in his life.
But since I know Jeremiah, I know that he’s building a SECOND business that will be even bigger than the first!)

Now, you don’t need to be a “spring chicken” like Jeremiah…

One of my favorite students, Paul Miller, was almost 50 years old when we started working together…

Paul had broken his collarbone and was unable to work.

So he invested a few hundred dollars and decided to sell iPhone cases.

Long story short… it didn’t work out. Paul made a few mistakes with his product, and the business never took off.

Remember, you must to be willing to follow some basic directions in order to get this business off the ground.

Anyway, Paul learned a lot from that failure. And since it was easy to get a new business started, he decided to try a second time.

This time, his product was a kid’s headphone, called CozyPhones.

And right out of the gate, he had a winner.

(Sometimes your first idea won’t be the best one, but it can lead to your multi-million dollar business!)

Paul started sharing his “CozyPhones” on Facebook, and parents started buying them for his kids…

Who would have thought that kids headphones would be so popular?

That’s what happens when you “test” it out.

What happened next is that Paul’s started selling on Amazon.com and on other popular websites.

And as more people shared it and talked about it, the more the sales picked up.

When Paul started selling $10,000 per month online, he was thrilled.

“Maybe I won’t have to go find a new a job,” he thought to himself.

But it didn’t stop there… Paul’s headphones picked up to $20,000 per month… then $50,000 per month. And it kept going over the next 12 months!

Today, Paul sells more than $5 million per year of his CopyPhones kids headphones.

His goal is to sell the company one day for millions of dollars, so that he can leave a legacy for his kids and grandkids.

Can you imagine changing your entire family’s financial future with just ONE product idea?

Just think about how many times you’ve had an “idea.”

Maybe you have watched Shark Tank and thought, “I can do that…”

… or you were shopping and said, “I wish someone made EXACTLY what I wanted.”

Or you were drinking with your friends and kicking around stupidly simple ideas to quit your jobs…

OR, maybe you just decided to start looking into businesses that you could start…

Something created a spark of excitement that led you to this page…
I help people take that “spark” and create a successful business that can change YOUR life.
You DON’T need to have a ton of time in your hands…

OR a lot of money to start…

As you can now see, if you have as little as $500 and a Facebook account, you can start developing your Million Dollar Brand.

Maybe you won’t sell a business for $10 million or $100 million…

Maybe your product won’t be the next Scrub Daddy or go on to sell $50 million worth of products all over the world…

Maybe you won’t build a multi-million dollar business like some of the stories that you’ve heard today…

But if all it did was replace your current income with a FUN business, being your own boss that made you feel proud to show off to your friends, would that be worth it?

If all it did was give you a second income stream while you had a blast creating products, allowing you to take extra vacations or invest for the future, would it be worth it to “try it out?”

And if all it did was bring a product that you really believed in that made a difference in people’s lives, while making you a profit, would you be happy that you tried?

Now, you could brainstorm different ideas and figure all of this out on your own…

But you know how that turns out:

Six months, a year, or two years from now… you will still be “kicking around your idea” and wondering what could have been…

Or worse… you could spend thousands of dollars doing it the wrong way and lose your entire investments.

The other option is to get a mentor…

That’s the option that my successful students chose. And I’ve worked with hundreds of students to help them find the best products for them and turn them into a business.

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But listen, if all it ever did was…

​-allow you to launch faster…
-find your ideal PEOPLE faster and with more certainty…
-know exactly what PRODUCT to sell…
-have a PLAN to make it all work together…
-and the PROCESSES to build and sell for millions (if that's what you want)...
… what would that be worth? 

What would it be worth to bypass the struggle and failure so many others encounter when trying to launch a real business?

More importantly...

What would it be worth to finally cash in on that dream you've been carrying around for all these years... to finally let your "crazy" idea see the light of day?

My guess is... it'd be worth more than words can describe. 

And with Million Dollar Brands, you'll have a plan to turn your dream into reality

Speaking of plans... 

I can tell you McDonald’s charges MILLIONS for a proven plan. And they’ll be the first to tell you it could take 2-3 YEARS to get your money back. 

Same is true for just about any high-dollar franchise with a proven model of success.

But we’re not going to ask you to invest anywhere near the $1-3 million McDonald's might cost you. 

Heck, we’re not even going to ask you to come up with $3,000… although that’d be fair. 

Instead we asked the team here at the office what’s a fair investment in your future that will keep out the tire kickers and looky-loos but still allow committed entrepreneurs easy access. 

A couple of my friends in the business suggested I stick with the $2,000 most other courses are going for. 

I said no. 

Then we batted around dropping that by half to $997

And that seemed close. 

But I knew we could do better. 

So when I dropped the price even further my team thought I was nuts. 

They were afraid the customer service would be a nightmare... that it might let the wrong people in. 

That's when I told them:
“I’d rather let a few of 
the wrong people in 
than keep too many of 
the right people out.”
So while I absolutely do not believe in giving this away to anyone who asks, I do want to make it as reasonable as possible for you if you’re ready to build a real business worth millions. 

That’s why you’ll get full access to Million Dollar Brands for just $297 when you enroll in the training today.

And when you complete the work and submit it to our team within 90 days, you’ll get a full refund


… you’ll get a shot at the $25k up for grabs from The Capitalism Fund Business Ignitor Initiative where we give 5 business $5k to buy inventory (or whatever else they need) to put their idea into action.
There is one catch…

If you don’t do the work, you are NOT eligible for the refund. 

That’s the rules. 

Don’t bother my support team for a refund if you’re not willing to do the work AND submit it as proof you went through the program. 

But then again, why would you invest if you weren’t going to do the work? 

So we should be good, right? 

If so...

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